Your cosy home in Inzell for activities of any kind


Whoever visited the Chiemgau area wants to come back some day: Fresh green fields, healthy forests, mountains and lakes in blue and green: all that is wonderful Bavaria, and especially the region right in front of the Alps. Enjoy sparkling sources and meadows in full bloom - that is where you'll find the relaxation you need! Especially the Inzell area will make your vacation become a wonderful experience. Sports aficionados will be happy to do some water activities or head for the peaks. Folks looking for calm paths can opt for relaxing strolls in the valley. Even though the sympathetic village is the home of a number of world champions in speed skating Inzell has perfectly managed to keep its original charme with a homely and welcoming infrastructure.

The Inzell valley is framed by different mountains like Rauschberg, Zinnkopf, Teisenberg and Staufen. Fresh and ice-cold water running down the mountains and dense woods make Inzell to what is called a Luftkurort in German - a health resort. And having arrived and seen the wonderful mountain ranges you will be reimbursed for any minute you may have spent in traffic jams or the stressful day to day life in the office.

Inzell is a wonderful destination and has a lot on offer for any age group or fitness level.




Inzell has a lot on offer for your winter holiday in lovely Chiemgau. Being the National Sports Center for speed skating Inzell is a paradise for any ice-skater. Max Aicher Arena has the ice - you just need your shoes! And you don't have to be a pro - for sure! Anyone interested can visit the stadium or try ice-skating for an adventurous afternoon in the home arena of Anni Friesinger-Postma and her fellows.

Cross-country ski trails take you back to nature, and there's a lot more nature to be discovered in and around Inzell. It's a winter wonderland where you can also just head off and enjoy the landscape in boots or show shoes. Tobogganers will love our different slopes and hillsides. Most of them choose the Adlgaß route as their favourite one: It is Inzell's natural toboggan run through snowy woods - ending at a cosy place to stop. Whoever wants to have even more fun: try some snow tubing! And after a chilly day outside just pass by Badepark Inzell where you'll find an indoor pool and a spa to warm you up.








Tourenvorschläge rund um den Dauscherhof




Visiting Inzell in summer is a lot different to winter, of course. It really seems to be a different place: Close your eyes and turn to the side. Take a deep breath, stop and stand for a moment and then take a look at the mountains around you. Do you hear that mountain stream? Do you see that cow chewing happily? Or those kids having fun somewhere back there, that waterfall, the cascades behind that forest? All that is Inzell, but there's more to discover:

Crystal clear mountain lakes invite you for a swim, ways and paths attract sportive folks. Spa hotels, restaurants and bars provide the well-deserved break at the end of an interesting day. And when the sun is setting behind the mountains of Inzell you will find yourself filled with happiness and satisfaction. A fresh breeze from the Alps will give you a good night's sleep and even more energy for upcoming adventures.